All You Need to Know About Football Jig Fishing!!

Top professionals today are starting to learn how to probe the deeper and more offshore spots for untapped bass. Pro anglers are discovering brand new ways for luring them out and one of these is the use of football jigs. As a result, football jig fishing is getting more and more popular both in local tournaments as well as recreational anglers who adapt new tactics and techniques from pros that they read in magazine articles and see on TV.

What Makes Football Jigs Different from Other Jig Styles?

The more streamlined type of jig heads are going to snag more on the rocky bottom types as compared to football jigs. Even when a football jig lodges itself in a snag, this is not going to lodge that deeply and you can un-snag it much easier compared to other jigs, particularly if you can backpedal this to get right over the snagged jig so that you can get it out in the same angle or same way that it went in.

Most of the other kinds of jig heads tend to roll on their sides that will only put the hook straight on the bottom. However, thanks to its oblong and sideways head, the football jig will not be able to roll over. What happens is that the football jig will keep hook up straight most of the time and it is difficult to imagine the hook snagging if it remains upright. Hooks will snag if these are rolled to the bottom or if the hook has rolled to a limb. The head of football jigs doesn’t roll over as much like any other jigs.

The Standard Weight

½, 3/8 and ¼ ounce sizes are all perfect to be used in rock bottom places since the oblong shape of the head will keep the jig head from perching on top of the bottom rubble without sliding and slipping down deep to the small openings and cracks amidst the debris.


Football Jig Fishing is Characterized by Heavy Football Jigs

The 1 and ¾ ounce sizes are the heavy winners in this fishing method. In fact, it is the heavy heads that give the real definition to football jig fishing. The heavyweight heads are the ones that separate football jigging from other kinds of jig techniques.

The 1 and ¾ ounce jigs have such a colossal presence, displacing plenty of water and creating a disturbance that will not go unnoticed by deep bass. These can sink fast, hitting the bottom and hitting hard any underwater obstacles that can cause a fast-snapping reaction bite every now and then. Heavy football jigs really work well as these can get attention as they plummet down and thud the bottom hard and the moment the fish turn their heads to see what is happening, you can expect that your football jig is right there on the scene, looking alive or edible. It makes the work easier on your part with the assurance that you won’t go home empty-handed.

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