Carp Fishing Tips

Have you ever wondered why so many people love to go carp fishing? The answer is simple. These fish are huge, and usually weight between 10 – 20 pounds. With that kind of weight they can really give you a serious workout. It really does not matter if you are fishing for grass or common carp because they both put up an awesome fight. Here is a quick tip… Goldfish and Koi are apart of the carp family, and are usually domesticated. Now that we have got that out of the way lets talk about learning some tips. Experience is everything! What I mean is both your own experiences, and tips from others who have the knowledge through years of trial and error experience with the different baits and will help you tremendously as you begin the basics of how to fish carp. Do not be afraid to hit the rivers, lakes, and ponds around your home every chance you get and start trying new techniques and baits. If you have a video phone, tape yourself while you are fishing. Discuss with the camera where you are and what the current conditions are. Do not forget to mention the type of bait you are using and the success or failure of each. It would also be a good idea to talk about the weather conditions at the time, the technique you are using, and where you had the most strikes or bites. These tips alone will help you impove the way you fish.

Here are some tips and a few anwers to possible questions you have asked about carp fishing…..

Where is the best place to find carp in a river or lake? We recommend you start around trees and branches that have fallen in, around stumps, and large rocks. Also, behind large boulders where there are deep pools. Be careful around these areas though, because there is a greater chance of snaging and losing your bait. During the hottest times of the day prepare to fish in deep water, and on the bottom.

What should I do with a carp once I catch one? We recommend you wear a mitt while unhooking, and always catch and release the fish that you have caught. It only makes sense to put them back if your not going to eat them. This also gives the fish a chance to get bigger, and the next trip you take to the river or lake will give a better fight from a much bigger fish.

What color bait do carp like or love better? Our tips for this type of fish are color is not that important, and you should spend more time on using smelly bait. This kind of fish uses smell more that sight. Once you start fishing for carp in deeper waters the color definately does not matter as much because of the lack of light at these depths.

What is better… carp fishing from the middle of the lake, river, pond….. or from the bank? Our reasoning goes like this. It is always better to bring your boat if you own one, than to limit yourself to the bank. If you do end up bringing a boat with you, try to hit the areas others are unable to reach. This is unspoiled territory you can exploit to your advantage.

What are the best rivers and lakes in NC for carp fishing? We think you should try Rock Creek Lake, Neuse River, Gaston Lake, and Kerr Lake. All of these offer great carp fishing while visiting in North Carolina.

What are the best rivers and lakes in VA for carp fishing? We think you should try Western Branch Lake, Lake Claytor, Lake Prince, Potomac River, and also the James River. They offer some of the best carp fishing in Virginia.

fish-1710231_1920If you are fishing around for the best carp fishing tips online this is one of the biggest in the US. Carp are most common in ponds, lakes, and rivers. There are so many different techniques that are effective with these monsters that trial and error is the best bet. Some of the best baits that we have found and recommended, are the hot dogs, corn, and dough balls.

In our experiences of early morning carp fishing trips, we recommend there is nothing like corn pops and sweet corn to get the job done. For the most action on your baits, use them around fallen trees, large rocks, deep pools, and even right alongside the waters edge if the carp are used to being fed by humans.

As the water starts to warm up in the summer, carp tend to head to deeper water or under bridges where it is cooler. We recommend that you start to use larger portions of bait at this time. The fish have exert more energy at this time and look for larger things to eat. Remember what we mentioned earlier about the colors and do not waste your money buying bright colored baits. Only a few different colors will do just fine.

One of our carp fishing tips is carp will hit just about any kind of smelly, stinky bait. So it does not matter where you go or what you use or how you use it, you are still likely to get some action one way or another. More than anything, concentrate on your line test, reeling or jerk technique, and proper location because they have the most benefit in the long run. After you have all this figured out, remember that above all else you are fishing for fun and relaxation!

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