Fishing 101: Fishing for Beginners

Get your fishing license:

In order start fishing, you are required to have a fishing licence. This can be easily done online. Do not start fishing until you get purchase a fishing license. If you get caught fishing without a license you could potentially get your equipment confiscated and fined. Make sure you do your research on obtaining a fishing license in your jurisdiction.

Selecting the right equipment:

Congratulations! You now have your fishing license and you are prepared to get started.

You will need to select the right fishing rod for the occasion and the right fish. There are several factors to consider when picking your fishing rod. Every fishing rod comes with a recommended fishing line that should be used for it. Make sure you pay attention and use the correct line for the correct rod.

Find the rod with the right amount of “action”. Action refers to how much the rod bends when there is pressure on the tip. The faster the action of the rod, the more the rod is bending near the tip. A fast action rod for example bends only the top third or less of the rod, where as a slower action rod will bend all the way to the lower third of the rod. Fast action rods allow for better sensitivity to changes in weight when fish bite. This makes fast action rods ideal for beginners.  Slower action rods allows the rod to haul in larger fish, and tend to have longer casting distance.

When picking a rod, it is also important to find a rod with the right amount of power. Power refers to the amount of weight required flex the rod. A rod with a heavy power can hold more weight. The heavier the line and lure you use, the heavier the corresponding rod power must be. Usually when you buy a rod, there is a recommended line to be used for that specific rod based on a power rating. Make sure you follow this recommendation. Using lighter or heavier lines and lures than the rod recommends will result in decreased performance during fishing.

The two most common types of reels are baitcast reels and spincast reels. Baitcast reels often backlashes. Baitcasting reels require you to adjust tension on the reel to avoid this. If you are just a beginner in the art of fishing, it is recommended that you use a spinning reel. Adjusting the tension of the spool requires experience and know how. A spinning reel is much easier for someone to handle, especially if you are a first time fisher. Eventually however, you will want to use a baitcast reel. Spincast reels tend to tear up the line and are not known to be durable.

Choosing a location to fish:

One of the things that make fishing such an enjoyable activity is act of being in nature. When picking a place to start fishing, it is best that you pick a location that you beautiful and can enjoy being there.

One thing to consider before choosing where to fish is to decide whether or not to do freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. If you are a beginner, I would recommend that you fish in freshwater. The biggest contrast between freshwater and saltwater fishing is in the fish you are likely to catch. Generally speaking, the types of fish you will catch in salt water environments will be significantly larger than those found in freshwater. The fish found in saltwater environments however are riskier as they are more likely to contain poisons and toxins and have sharp teeth. Therefore, if you are starting out fishing, and do not yet know how to avoid or identify these dangerous types of fish that may be high in toxins and poisons, it is better to stay safe by fishing in freshwater.

The type of fish you encounter during saltwater vs freshwater fishing has a lot of impact on the types of equipment you will use and the frequency at which you will have to change equipment. For saltwater fishing it is important to use hooks and rods that can hold fish that are much larger and stronger. Also salt water has a tendency to wear away at your equipment, frequent replacements in boat motors, boats, lines, lures and other fishing equipment are needed and more durable expensive equipment are preferable. This can make saltwater fishing an extremely expensive endeavor. This makes freshwater fishing preferable especially if you are a beginner.





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