Freshwater vs Saltwater Fishing

For a hard core fishing enthusiast, it is perfect okay to fish in virtually all bodies of water, from big lakes, to freshwater streams, brackish creeks or even the open ocean. However, many people choose to categorize fishing into two, saltwater and freshwater. But the million dollar question now is, how do these two categories differ and which one is better than the other?

Freshwater Fishing Equipment

Freshwater fishing is done in rivers, streams, lakes and other sources of freshwater. While there are plenty of pieces of gear and tools that freshwater angles should use, most of these are not really essential although they can make your life easier. The primary pieces of equipment that you will need include a rod, line, reel, bait and tackle box. There are various kinds of reels and rods that you can choose from, with the best one depending on the size and type of fish that you plan to catch. Good examples of large freshwater fish are salmon, steelhead and bass. The small freshwater fish varieties include perch and sunfish. You might also want to get a fishing jacket for a better fishing experience.

Saltwater Fishing Equipment

It is said that more than 22 million Americans go for saltwater fishing every year, which includes fishing in all water bodies where saltwater can be found like saltwater lakes, tidal estuaries and oceans. The kind of equipment that you will use of saltwater fishing will greatly depend on the body of water and types of fish that you want to catch. To have a successful and fun fishing trip, you will need the basics including reels, rods, line, hooks and bait. Depending on the particular environment, another essential item is the life jacket.

What Makes Saltwater Fishing Better Than Freshwater Fishing?

• Saltwater outshines freshwater fishing primarily because you can expect for bigger fish.
• Saltwater fishing is better than freshwater fishing as you get to choose from a variety of more entertaining baits. From wiggling soft crabs, to flip-flopping grass shrimp and squirming eels, the list continues and you can experiment beyond using the good old worms and minnows.
• Fishing in saltwater is better than in freshwater since there is more adventure if your prey manages to fight you back with those powerful tail kicks, razor-sharp teeth and the spear-like bill.
What Makes Freshwater Fishing Better Than Saltwater Fishing?
• It is better to fish in freshwater compared to saltwater because it is more affordable, with lesser boat payments, tackle expenses and fuel bills.
• Freshwater fishing outshines saltwater fishing since your boat, tackle, motor and all the rest of your equipment will not be eaten alive by the surrounding environment. Fishing in saltwater will only force you to constantly replace, renew and repair all because of the inevitable corrosion thing.
• Freshwater is better since blood that will hit your deck will mostly come from a fish and not from you or any of your fishing buddies.

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