Lure vs. Live Bait

When it comes to fishing, there are two types of baits that can be used: lure and live. It is important for all fishers to be able to distinguish between the two for an optimal fishing experience.

Lures can be categorized as artificial bait that is used to attract the fish’s attention. There are many types of lures, and most of them have multiple hooks which help the fisher catch more than one fish at a time. A number of lure baits are made to look like large fish, frogs, minnows, other preys likely to attract the attention of fish.

On the other hand, live bait consists of smaller fish, insects, nightcrawlers, salamanders, flies, frogs, minnows, leeches, crabs, shrimps, worms and other such creatures. Research has proven that live bait is more readily accepted since fish are more familiar with it. It also depends on the fish type and their habitat.

Following are the pros and cons of both types of bait.

Lure bait


  • Going fishing with lure bait is an extremely rewarding experience as it always manages to catch big fish.
  • Lures are able to catch the fish by the jaw, ensuring a safe catch. Also, they are able to create more vibrations and noise, attracting the attention of the fish easily.
  • A fisher can get hooked to collecting lures itself, and this hobby can be as satisfying as fishing.


  • Lures can be costly to purchase.
  • They can be easily damaged if they crash into trees and rocks.
  • Some species of fish fail to recognize artificial bait.

Live bait


  • Live bait can prove to be the most successful at attracting fish. Since it is natural, it can easily appeal to the fish with its smell, look and movement.
  • It is very economical to purchase and even free of cost if you choose to catch your own.
  • The bait that is unused can be returned to its environment or frozen for future use.


  • It mostly attracts smaller fish, leaving out the bigger ones.
  • Catching live bait can be tricky and dangerous at times.
  • It requires more planning in advance.

A question can be raised about which fisherman should use which type of bait. Firstly, fishermen who are beginners and want to learn the art of fishing properly should go for a live bait. This is because it is a cheap option and useful for learning and can be caught very easily. On the other hand, fishermen who have already gathered firsthand experience in using live bait should go for lures. This is because they know which types of fish prefer which bait. A beginner may face difficulty in making a decision like this as they are inexperienced in this matter. Seawater fishers may also prefer lure bait as fishing in the sea gives a fair chance of catching many big fish, whereas freshwater fishers may prefer to use live bait as smaller fish are more prevalent in freshwater environments.

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