The Art of Jigging

Jigging is among the most active methods used by fishing enthusiasts where you have to pop or snap the rod tip up as quick as you can to do a vertical movement of the lure in the water column. Here, you have the choice to jig straight down or up as you drift or you can also cast out the lure then jig this back to you horizontally while you reel. Jigging a bait or lure can create the look of an uninjured baitfish that any game fish will never be able to resist.

The jig rigs can come in various shapes, sizes and colors and you can use these with or without live fishing bait. Most of the spoons have been designed and crafted for jigging, and these flutter as they fall enticing a fish. You can also use soft plastic worms for jigging and even the painted lead headed feather and hook combo jigs known as buck tails.
One tip that you can remember is that when you cast out a jig and retrieve while you jig, you have to reel in very slowly so that the jig stays close to the bottom.

Short History of Jigging

Deep jigging, speed jigging, Japanese jigging, extreme jigging, vertical jigging, butterfly jigging and working the iron are only some of the various names that were associated to jigging that swept all over the world, spanning from Asia, to Europe, Oceania and the United States.

Jigging is among the oldest lure fishing techniques of the world. Its origins were a bit sketchy although this can be traced back to the times of the early Europeans and Polynesians many centuries ago. The fact that this managed to stand the test of time proves that this artificial lure fishing really works.
Back in the early 1990s, the Japanese gave a new face to jigging through Yoichi Mogi’s pioneering exploits. He was instrumental in most of the latest developments in jigs, reels ad rods that help in popularizing this new style of jigging among the Japanese. By tradition, big fish are being landed with a heavy tackle. Most of the time, the experience is the combination of fighting both the tackle and fish, which then reduces the enjoyment and fun of the sport. As the masters of invention, the tackle companies of Japan embarked on a complete redesign of the blue water tackle. Results have been impressive with the lightweight powerhouse reels mixed with the small yet powerful graphite rods. The combinations did not only put back the enjoyment to fishing but were also able to produce an amazing list of angling feats that are reserved for the heavier tackle.

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