The Best Live Baits to Use for Catching Bass

Most bass fishermen tend to spend lots of effort and time looking for the best live baits. And any fishing fan knows all too well that the best bait to catch bass can change together with the changes in the moon, weather and fishing conditions. Having said this, there are some live baits that are proven to be effective when it comes to catching bass all year long.


Frogs are no doubt one of the best bass baits that you can use. In fact, the largemouth bass in particular can be very predatory that you don’t even need lots of frogs in the fishing water for the baits to be effective. Although it can be very hard to fish with live frogs, these are proven to be extremely effective.


Shiners can make amazing live baits for bass and there are two types that are recommended to be used, namely striped and golden shiners. The two shiners have the same size, ranging from 4 to 6 inches. There are bigger shiners that can get to as much as 12 inches long although these are not advisable to be used for bait. Focus on the shiners of 3 to 6 inches instead. You can get these two types of shiners at the local bait store in your area. However, you can also choose to catch your own shiners which are local to the place as these tend to work better.


Live Baitfish

The most famous baitfish is minnow. Minnows are readily available in most areas and these are also effective as bait for bass fishing. Live minnows are wonderful bait for species such as walleye, smallmouth bass and crappie, just to name a few. There are fishermen who prefer to rig live baitfish by hooking it to the back with one hook and there are those who use gang hook rig. These two methods work although the bottom line here is that bait fish like minnows are among the best baits that can be used for fishing. Among the main keys to success with the use of live baitfish is to avoid using fishing hooks that are too big. Downsize the hooks and you can get even more bites.


Fishing will always be associated with worms as everyone knows that fish love to eat live worms and bass are not an exemption. It is certainly true, but most of the anglers don’t really realize that live worms remain to be more effective if these are rigged in a very effective manner. The perfect way for rigging live worms for fishing is a set of gang hooks. The rigging of live worms outstretched on a gang hooks set can make the live worms as among the best live baits that you can use for bass fishing.
The bottom line is that these live baits are the best and the most effective lures for bass that any fisherman ought to try. If you don’t have any of the baits in your tackle box yet, it is about time that you add them.

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