All You Need to Know About Flipping Jig Fishing!!

With bass fishing today, when there are tons of tricks and techniques, which come and go by the wayside, there are 2 techniques you can take for consideration. Such techniques have become to bass anglers what the famous Carolina rig, and important part of your fishing arsenal. These techniques include pitching and flipping.

Flipping jig fishing involves peeling off about fifty to seventy-five percent or more lines than the rod’s length and feeding the line back through guides as you lift and drop the rod. Pitching includes releasing the lure from your hands with underhand pitching movement as you allow the line feed through the guides while you thumb the spool.

Flipping and pitching are lure particular ways to fish. With that, it means that there are definitely only several baits, which are utilized with these technique and this dictates them through the kinds of cover you fish. For instance, you may pitch a stationary, slow bait like a worm or jig or you may pitch a quicker moving bait including spinnerbait. Flipping the bait is normally only done with a stationary kind bait, whether this is pork or plastic. But, it isn’t recommended to pitch the crankbaits.

You may flip or pitch docks, wood, grass or some kinds of cover, which you feel aren’t easy to cast in normal manner. The advantage of such types of these techniques is you can make a presentation while simultaneously reach places with accuracy that the normal techniques will not let you. Docks are a good place to utilize such techniques. You may pitch or flip anywhere from 2-6 ft under the dock.

The rod often utilized for such techniques ranges from 6 ½ to 7 ½ ft in length. The finest ones for the task are actually rated from medium heavy to heavy. The reel choice must be one that has free spool, which can bet set to highly free flowing settings so it flows quickly under your thumb after releasing the lure. The line you’ll want to utilize will typically be one of the abrasion resistant types. You choose the brand you’re most comfortable with. With the use of monofilament or braided is up to you. Some use twenty to twenty-five pound test and exclusive use fluorescent monofilament line. It is invaluable if you’re a line watcher. If you’re not, you must be when you are utilizing such 2 techniques.

One of the perfect ways to practice pitching and flipping is to get in the backyard and place 5 to 7 bowls regarding 2 to 4 ft apart. Place such bowls from 5-20 ft away from where you’ll be standing. You’ll also want to stand on the higher object compared to the ground to stimulate your own boat.

Perhaps, 2-3 ft above your bowl setup must do.
You may flip or pitch your baits almost any time of the year. Such techniques are often done from early spring until late fall. You may pitch or flip treetops in the creek channels as water warms in early spring, even if you could be fishing in twenty ft of water. You may also flip or pitch in twelve inches water or in bulrushes and weeds.

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