Fly Fishing Techniques You Can Try on Your Next Fishing Adventure

Fly fishing techniques come in handy whether you love to go fishing on lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. Fly fishing basically works in both freshwater and saltwater as well as warm water and cold water.

Techniques on fly fishing are broken down to two categories, namely on the surface and sub-surface. When you speak of sub-surface, this means fishing between the water column surface and bottom of the stream. Cast your fly to a position in front of your target fish’s path. The position must point not on both sides of the fish but in front of it. It is impossible to cast a light fly like this using traditional fishing rods and casting is among the most vital skills a fly fisherman should learn.

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Learning to cast is all about commitment to this form of art. You can cast out away from your boat or you can drop this directly straight down and over the side. The moment the lure hits bottom, you can pull this upward and allow it to free fall back to the bottom. You can cast this out then retrieve it fast through the water and you can look forward to the fish throwing themselves at it.

But, if you really want to enjoy long term success, there are several important fly fishing techniques that you might want to keep in mind:

Get the Best Pair of Waders

Image result for WadersNever take your basketball shoes when braving the waters. For beginners, you might want to borrow a pair from your friend if you haven’t purchased one yet. You need to get a good grip of the ground below you or else, you risk getting injured or even drowning since most of the time, you don’t have any idea what you are stepping on. Look for good waders with cleats or ridges on the bottom for you to get a great hold underneath.

Tie Flies Properly

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Nothing is worse than a fly that will end up unraveling itself at the worst moments. See to it that you have strong flies. You can test it through pulling the flies tight when you formed a knot. Water is going to lubricate it and a knot with a weak tie will unravel before you know it.

Experiment with Different Patterns

Not a single pattern can be considered as good so you have to experiment with various patterns as much as you can. You can inquire from other fishermen about their technique. So long as you fish on a different location and you are not competing with them directly, most fishermen will be more than willing to share this knowledge with you.

Eliminate the Insects

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There will always be a lot of insects around you and the last thing you want is for you to become their main interest. Don’t wear the usual attractive colors like yellows and reds but don’t put on any insecticide spray. This is because fish have a very keen sense of smell and they are going to detect foreign smell like insecticide as a danger they should stay away from.

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