Trout Fishing Tips

Here are some tips and a few anwers to possible questions you have asked about trout fishing…..

Where is the best place to find trout in a river or stream? We recommend you start around trees and branches that have fallen in, around stumps, and large rocks. Also, behind large boulders where there are deep pools. Be careful around these areas though, because there is a greater chance of snaging and losing your fly.

What should I do with a trout once I catch one? We recommend you always catch and release the fish. It only makes sense to put them back if your not going to eat them. This also gives the fish a chance to get bigger, and the next trip you take to the steam or river a better fight from a much bigger fish.

What color bait do trout like or love better? Our tips include you use browns and blacks with a few bright colors, and a hint of red. Once you start fishing for trout in deeper waters the color does not matter as much because of the lack of light at these depths.

What is better… trout fishing from the middle of the stream, river, or from the bank? Our reasoning goes like this. It is always better to wade in the middle than to limit yourself to the bank. But, if it is to deep for this then you should probably bring your boat with you and expect to fish in the areas others are unable to reach.

What are the best rivers and streams in NC for trout fishing? We think you should try Elk River, Lost Cove Creek, Davidson River, South Toe River, and Wilson Creek. All of these offer great trout fishing while visiting in North Carolina.

What are the best rivers and streams in VA for trout fishing? We think you should try Whitetop Laurel Stream, The Rose, Dan River, Smith River, and also the Jackson. They offer some of the best trout fishing in Virginia.

kitchen-1035731_1920If you are fishing around for the best trout fishing tips online this is one of the biggest in the US. Trout are most common in creeks, streams, and rivers. There are so many different techniques that are effective with the large variety of flies and lures at your disposal. Some of the best baits that we have found and recommend, are the spinners, spoons, and rooster tails.

In our experiences of early morning trout fishing trips, we recommend there is nothing like a Adams Trout Fly to get the job done. For the most action on your flies, use them around fallen trees, large rocks, deep pools, and even right alongside the waters edge.

As the water starts to warm up in the summer, trout tend to head to deeper water where it is cooler. We recommend that you switch to dry flies at this time. Dry Flies come in a variety of colors, and styles that will work almost anywhere, and remember what we mentioned earlier about the colors and do not waste your money buying every color immaginable. Only a few different colors will do just fine.

One of our trout fishing tips is trout will hit just about any kind of fly. So it does not matter where you go or what you use or how you use it, you are still likely to get some action one way or another. More than anything, concentrate on your reeling or jerk technique, and proper location because they have the most benefit in the long run. After you have all this figured out, remember that above all else you are fishing for fun and relaxation!

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